Autobiography English
“Authentic and dynamic. Straight from the heart.”
Arnold Veeman is born and raised in the north of the Netherlands. He’s a versatile composer: from film scores to authentic ballads in the local dialect (Gronings) and from symphonic compositions to contemporary autonomous music. He plays the bass, guitar, drums and other instruments. Even though his music can be heard all over the world, he stays true to his hometown of Kloosterburen. Why? “For the broad horizons, the authentic people and the silence, in which pure music comes into being.”

“I compose and orchestrate music from the idea that people are misled by the prevailing, but out of date cultural paradigm. This paradigm emerges again and again in philosophy, architecture and music. Therefore, I think it is important for people to discover a new vision, especially in music.

As a composer I apply (musical) systems which I’ve developed myself. I use these to explain how creative processes work, for it is important for an orchestrator to write down ideas in such a way that they are performable for musicians. Dynamics and balance are key. Writing, reading and interpreting music is the most wonderful profession there is!”

Arnold Veeman collaborated as a singer-songwriter, composer and orchestrator with many musical companies, artists and collectives. He released several albums, such as “Toukomst” (Future) in 2012 and “t Vuur!” (Fire) in 2014.